Roy Martin
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roy_martin.jpgRoy Joined "Who’s Got The Dog ?" when the band was first formed .He had worked alongside several of the other members of the band in the Joe Kelly Big Band as their Sound Engineer / Roadie, so when Joe was approached to form a covers / function band Roy was the obvious choice.

Roy got involved with music when he was about 13, playing Rhythm guitar or Bass with several school bands. This was all fun; but did not really go anywhere, however during this time Roy discovered that he had an aptitude for the technical side of things. So at the age of 17, lured by the promise of  "Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll" Roy became a Professional Roadie / Sound and Lighting Engineer.

Since then Roy has toured extensively and has Gigged at every type of venue, from Village Halls to Major venues / Stadiums and Festivals (although WGTD still manage to throw up a few surprises for him).Roy has worked with most kinds of acts and musical genre , including several of the artists who’s numbers are covered by WGTD, people such as Elvis Costello, The Clash, Mark Knopfler and Light of The World.

Working with WGTD is now a great hobby that Roy loves and although he sometime mutters about hanging up his Gaffer tape, a couple of sessions of Weekend television soon change his mind.
I’m sure the Band know how fortunate they are to have someone with such a wealth of experience as part of their line up.

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