Robin Schafer
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rob_schafer.jpgRob took up the sax at the age of 11. It was between that and the Trombone. A narrow escape.

As he wanted to actually own things and didn't suit facial hair, Rob wisely chose to study medicine instead of music.  Whilst supposed to be studying, Rob was more often in some dodgy restaurant in sarf London playing afrobeat till the early hours. Upon graduation Rob reluctantly took a 4 year gig in the NHS as a junior doctor. After a particularly taxing 56 hour shift as a trainee gynaecologist Dr Rob was inspired to ditch his rusty old alto sax and got a sparkly new tenor sax.

A glittering professional career in Ipswich's glamourous jazz scene then ensued. Rob moved to Oxford, the motown of the south, in 2005 and took some lessons with a real jazz musician with an impressive goatie, while at the same time running a jazz quintet, a soul band and musical directing several shows, before joining WGTD in 2008.

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